About Nathan


Nathan’s passion is his work for spirit, whether that be giving messages of love from our spirit loved ones, from a platform or during a private reading, or whether he is teaching, during which he inspires everyone to be the best mediums that they can be. 

Nathan has been aware of the spirit world from a young age, although at the time was unaware of what was happening, as most mediums experience, it wasn’t until he was in his mid teens that things within his development started to accelerate, with his senses getting stronger and stronger until he could no longer ignore them. Thankfully because of his family’s previous experience of spirit Nathan received the support and encouragement for his development and was taken to see a medium, who told Nathan that he too was a medium and told him to pick her up the following evening. Having been told no more Nathan did as directed and the medium took him to Windsor Spiritualist Church, the rest as they say is history. Being only 16 years old at the time he was very quickly invited to join the church circle, where he sat for 6 or 7 years. His abilities grew and thrived as he was encouraged and supported in a loving environment, both from the church and his parents. 

Now, 8 years after first entering the doors of Windsor Spiritualist Church, Nathan is part of the churches teaching team and proud to be guiding people on the same path that he has taken, as well as facilitating development groups and workshops away from the church. As a platform medium, he delivers astonishing evidence of the continuation of life after physical death, leaving his recipients in no doubt that their loved ones were present, not only by providing evidence but by telling their story, something about which he is passionate. Our spirit loved ones are so much more than their physical description, their passing condition, their occupation etc and Nathan feels strongly that by telling their story we can bring them to life again and prove that their soul lives on and walks with us, giving us their love and guidance from their vantage point in the spirit world.

Development is an important part in Nathan's work and as such he takes his own continued development very seriously. Nathan has recently completed the Platform Accreditation Scheme in Speaking and Demonstrating with the Spiritualists' National Union and was awarded the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Prize as a result of the quality of his work throughout the Scheme.